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couv bralavsky pilgrimage  
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cov pilgrimage Pilgrimage
(Jade/ Universal)
and arrangements by Catherine Braslavsky

for solo and choir

Chartres : The Path of the Soul
(Jade/ Universal)

Recorded at the labyrinth

Le Royaume / The Kingdom
(Jade/ Universal)
Medieval Compositions
and compositions by CB

a dream :
where Abraham's children meet

Hildegard von Bingen
Le Mariage du Ciel et de la Terre
(Jade/ Universal)

Un Jour d'Entre les Jours /
Day of Days
(Al Sur)
with Steve Shehan, Gilles Andrieux,
Thierry Renard and Joseph Rowe

From Jerusalem to Cordoba
(Ad Fontem)

the CD of the show

Alma Anima
(Sorti chez Al Sur)
Gregorian Chants and
first compositions by CB and JR

Couverture CD PIlgrimage

Cov The Kingdom

Pilgrimage (Jade/ Universal)
Catherine Braslavsky
with the Terra Sancta Choir,
Thierry Renard, Cello, Richard Maygnan, Guitern
Catherine Braslavsky's Compositions
for solo and choir


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Le Royaume (The Kingdom)
Ancient and contemporary
sacred music
Catherine Braslavsky :
Joseph Rowe, percussion

Blandine Lambert : voice
Nadine Ouannoughi, voice
Thierry Renard,voice (1)
Richard Maygnan, guitern (1)

"It may seem strange for a 21st –century composer to look to medieval and ancient times for inspiration. But this has been my musical path: as soon as I realized that I wanted to improvise and compose, I was drawn to study these ancient roots, as if they held a secret I needed. This soon led to my encounter with Hildegard von Bingen, Gregorian chant, and Judeo-Spanish songs. These repertoires continue to influence my compositions, some of which are presented in this album. "


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1. Psaume 23/I Will Fear No Evil **   4:04  
2. Grand Kyrie **                                        5:17
3. De Profundis **                                  5:56   
4. O You ** ^                                          3:01
5. Berceuse pour Terra **                         3:57               
(Cradle Song for the Earth)           
6. Agnus (Give Us Peace)  **^^^           5:30
7.  Joyful Pilgrims  **^^                        4:05  
8. Owaha **                                                 3:18
9. Mater Vitæ (Mother of Life) **             4:24
10. Veni   **                                                  8:11
11. Victimae Paschali Laudes  *               2:18
12. Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans                  2:26
(Hildegard of Bingen, XIITH century)

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1. Basileia*** (The Kingdom)
2. La Morenica*
3. Efforcier m’estuet ma voiz*
4. Litany of Loreto**
5. Salve Regina**
6. La Rosa enflorece*
7. Caritas abundat*
8. Mater Vitæ**
9. Magdalena degna da laudare*
10. O Virga ac Diadema
11. Kyrie of the 10th century*
12. In Memory**
*arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky
**composition by  Catherine Braslavsky
*** co-arrangement by CB
and  Richard Maygnan


Hild Pochette

Hildegard von Bingen
The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Music of Hildegard von Bingen

Catherine Braslavsky
et Joseph Rowe

In this musical confluence of the 12th and 21st centuries, we discover a profound and surprising universality. A further surprise is a voice, both sensual and spiritual, in the image of Hildegard herself: abbess, musician, and free woman

Catherine Braslavsky: Chant, doulcemer, arrangements
Joseph Rowe: Oud, percussion, mbira, bols et gongs asiatiques, arrangements

«This music is a celebration and a sensitive evocation, as well as a ceremony.... Catherine Braslavsky commands our attention by the apparent ease with which she follows the pages of these ancient musical manuscripts, ornate and full of enchantment. With finesse, Joseph Rowe accompanies the singer with oud, darabukka, tampura, and even Tibetan bowls. ... There is something miraculous about this purity of voice, which leads us into the sublime, where all words
dissolve ... »

Armelle Héliot, Le Figaro


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1. O Viridissima Virga
2.O Tu Illustrata
3. Laus Trinitate
4. O Frondens Virga
5. O Ignis Spiritus
6. O Virga ac Diadema
7. Spiritui Sancto
8. Kyrie Eleison
9. Ave Generosa
10. O Jerusalem
11. O Viriditas Digiti Dei
12. O Pastor

cov jerusalem CD

From Jerusalem to Cordoba

Catherine Braslavsky
Solo chant, dulcimer, bendir

Joseph Rowe
Oud, bendir, darabukka, tanpura, Tibetan bowls, mbira

A Voyage in Time, Space,
and Religions
Through Chant, Music, and Texts
A celebration of the religious and mystical traditions of the Mediterranean, from ancient Judaism and Paganism, to medieval Christianity and Islam. Chants in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Occitan, and Arabic. Instrumental accompaniment with Middle Eastern percussion, oud, dulcimer, Tibetan bowls, Indian tampura, and African mbira. Ancient and original compositions. Poetic and story texts in English or French. Original writing and texts by Meister Eckhart, Ibn 'Arabi, Yehuda Halevi, Hildegarde of Bingen, etc.

"A one-of-a-kind performance ... both message of tolerance and voyage of initiation, a musical story which makes us feel in our depths that all the sacred chants of humanity, past and present, are animated by the same vibration ... "

Caroline Lachowsky,
"Spiritualités du monde"
Radio France International (RFI)

"A remarkably successful and moving voyage in sound, in those rare times and places where the three Abrahamic religions have listened to each other."

Jacques Attali
French writer, music critic, statesman
author of "Noise" and "The Labyrinth"


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for mp3 loading)

1. Hymn to the Muse (Ancient Greek)
2. Abinu (Hebrew) xtract abinu
3. From Where Do You Come?

(Gospel of Thomas)
4. Quant voi la flor novele
(French Troubador)
5. Mwashah (Arab-Andalucian) xtract mwashah
6. Cathar Prayer
7. Iustus Germinabit
8. Ilono (The Tree of Life - Aramaic)
Spiritui Sancto
(Medieval: Hildegard of Bingen)
10. Ave Generosa (Hildegard of Bingen)
11. In Te Sum (Music and Latin words
by C. Braslavsky)
12. La Vida (Jewish-Andalucian) La vida xtract
13. Al-Andalusi (words by Ibn Arabi,
music by J. Rowe) Andalusi music
14. Abwoun (The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic -
music by C. Braslavsky) xtract abwoun

"Through chant, Catherine Braslavsky
plunges to the source, and speaks to us
of the very foundations of humanity."

                                 Michel Cazenave,
                 France-Culture, Radio-France


"Far more than a message of tolerance,
From Jerusalem to Cordoba is a veritable

musical ritual. "

                                 Basarab Nicolescu,
           writer, philosopher, poet, physicist

couv chartres

The Path of the Soul

Catherine Braslavsky Ensemble
Recorded live at the labyrinth of Chartres cathedral

Ancient and Contemporary Sacred Music
For the Veriditas Labyrinth Walks
Catherine Braslavsky: Musical director, chorus and solo voice
Thierry Renard: Chorus and solo voice, cello
Joseph Rowe: Oud, percussion, recording and mixing
Blandine Lambert: Chorus
Nadine Ouannoughi: Chorus
Pakoune: Chorus
Cover photo: Jeff Saward


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1. Stella Splendens
2. Je te prie de coeur
3. Abwoun
4. Recordare
5. Imperayritz
6. O Virgo
7. From Where do You Come?
8. Grand Kyrie
9. Kaddosh
10. Night in the Cathedral
11. Magnum Nomen
12. Uterus
13. Quant voi la flor
14. Tristan
15. Sana Nos
16. Rosa das Rosas
17. Mariam Matrem
18. Verbum Bonum
19. Petit Kyrie

Catherine Braslavsky. Credo


A confluence of the Abrahamic religions : Judaism, Christianity, Islam.
Deep in our heart lives the dream of a future Andalucia.
We have called it Wadi al-Irfan, "River of Gnosis."

Concept, compositions : Joseph Rowe
Direction musicale, compositions : Catherine Braslavsky
Sara Alexander : Jewish soloist
Arieh Sztandtman : Jewish soloist
Catherine Braslavsky : Christian soloist
Haroun Teboul : Muslim soloist; ney (Turkish flute)
Thierry Renard : Main chorist
Joseph Rowe : Arab and African percussion, oud
Liman Shaker : Sound engineer
Roberto Rosi : Arranger, mixer
Sylvain M'Sihid : Producer

For the full Credo notes, not published with the CD, click HERE

To read the original archeological rhapsody which inspired Credo, also not published with the CD, click HERE


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 1. Enfants d'Abraham
 2. Sancta Terra
 3. Psaume
 4. Kyrie des Sables
 5. Mawlana 
 6. Abwoun 
 7. Skisate
 8. Al Andalusi
 9. Stambali
10. Solomon
11. Kadosh
12. Abraham's
13. Enfants d'Abraham (remix)

Pour les notes intégrales de Credo,
non-publiées sur la pochette,
cliquez ICI

Pour lire la vision archéologique
qui a inspiré Credo cliquez ICI

Catherine Braslavsky. Un jour d'entre les jours

Day of Days

A day in the life of an imaginal monastery, featuring the voice of Catherine Braslavsky. Solo Gregorian chant and original compositions. Traditional Mideastern percussion, oud, Turkish tambour, Indian tampura. Lush arrangements and atmospheres by Steve Shehan.

Catherine Braslavsky : solo voice, compositions
Steve Shehan : arrangements, percussion
Joseph Rowe : oud, percussions
Thierry Renard : cello
Gilles Andrieu : Turkish tanbur


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1. Kyrie Before Dawn
2. Illumine My Eyes
3. I Rise Unto You
4.The Just is Like the Lily MP3
   (Solo Gregorian chant)
5. Beati
6. Magnificat
7. The Good Shepherd
8. In The Valley of the Shadow of Death
9. Christos Dionysos
10. Star of the Orient
11. Take this Yoke of Light
12. Kyrie in the Night MP3
13. Three Words from the Dark of Night

Catherine Braslavsky. Alma anima

Alma Anima

Gregorian chant and new compositions for solo, duet, and choir. Arrangements using instruments of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa : oud, tampura, cello, bendir, jembe, congas.

Catherine Braslavsky : soloiste, choir, compositions
Joseph Rowe : Percussions, oud, choir, compositions
Thierry Renard : voix soloist, cello, chœur

"This superb recording is not just a clever mixture of genres. It reaches towards the deepest origins of Western music, where the mystery of East and West were joined, just before their separation. In our tumultuous time, such a full expression of depth and serenity has become an indispensable resource."
                            Erik Pigani, Psychologies

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 1. Salve Regina
 2. Veni Sancte Spiritus
 3. Sanctus
 4. Ecce guam bonum
 5. Cantate Domino
 6. In die resurrectionis meae
 7. Jubilate Deo (1) MP3

  8. Stetit angelus
 9. Miserere mei Deus
10. Jubilate Deo (2)
11. Benedictus
12. Kyrie Eleison



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