The album “Collector”, by Catherine Braslavsky

our 10th anniversary album at Jade
A compilation of the 4 albums Pilgrimage, Hildegarde, Le Royaume, and Chartres


Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice, compositions, doulcimer, tanbura
Le Chœur Terra Sancta, for female voices
Blandine Lambert, voice
Nadine Ouannoughi, voice
Joseph Rowe, percussions, Tibetan bowls
Thierry Renard, cello and voice
Richard Maygnan, guiterne and cistre
An album of many colors: tradtional, world, and contemporary, celebrating ten years off collaboration with the label Jade : solos and chorals, sung in a total of seven languages. Hildegard von Bingen, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat, Laudario di Cortona, Gautier of Coincy etc. and original compositions...

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  1. O Viridissima Virga**^ 3:27
  2. O Frondens Virga**^ 3:36
  3. O Virga ac Diadema**^ 3:55
  4. Basileia*^^ (The Kingdom) 4:59
  5. La Morenica** 2:48
  6. Efforcier m’estuet ma voiz** 5:02
  7. Magdalena degna da laudare** 4:43
  8. Berceuse pour Terra* / Cradle song for Earth 3:57
  9. Agnus / Give Us Peace*^^^ 5:30
10. Victimae Paschali Laudes ** 2:18
11. Stella Splendens 2:43
12. Grand Kyrie* 4:42
Kaddosh/Sanctus* 3:17
Abwoon* 3:08
O Virgo splendens 2:50
Sana nos* 3:59

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky
^ by
Hildegarde de Bingen, XIIth c.
^^ co-arrangement by
Catherine Braslavsky and Richard Maygnan
^^^ Co-arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky and Thierry Renard