The album “Credo” by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

A confluence of the Abrahamic religions : Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Deep in our heart lives the dream of a future Andalucia.
We have called it Wadi al-Irfan, "River of Gnosis."

Sara Alexander, voice
Catherine Braslavsky, voice
Thierry Renard, voice
Roberto Rosi, arrangements
Joseph Rowe, Arab and African percussion, oud
Arieh Sztandtman, voice
Haroun Teboul, voice, ney (Turkish flute)
Deep in our heart, lies a vision of another Andalucia…
In Wadi al-Irfan, at the edge of the Moroccan desert, men and women from all the Mediterranean have come to create, to sing, and to celebrate a common liturgy and vision of Abrahamic and Pagan mystical traditions.Sung in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Arabic, Coptic, and Yoruba, they sing the trance-rhythms of the desert, the forest, the temples — an eternal message of tolerance and Union.

Conception, compositions:
Joseph Rowe
Musical direction, compositions: Catherine Braslavsky

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For the full Credo notes, not published with the CD, click HERE
To read the original archeological rhapsody which inspired Credo, also not published with the CD, click

  1. Les Enfants d'Abraham 4:41
Sancta Terra 3:16
  3. Psaume 6:10
  4. Kyrie des Sables 4:24
Mawlana 5:23
Abwoun 4:00
Skisate 5:18
Al Andalusi 4:11
Stambali 3:56
Solomon 4:57
Kadosh 4:10
Abraham's 0:41
Enfants d'Abraham (remix) 4:57