The album “From Jerusalem to Cordoba” by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

De Jérusalem à Cordoue
(From Jerusalem to Cordoba)
A Voyage in Time, Space, and Spiritual Traditions through Chant, Music, and Texts

Label: Ad Fontem/A la Source

Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice, compositions, doulcimer, tanbura
Joseph Rowe, oud, darabuka, bendir, mbira, tibetan bowls
The CD of the spectacle of this name, which has been performed over 500 times in seven countries. A celebration of the religious and mystical traditions of the Mediterranean, from ancient Judaism and Paganism, to medieval Christianity and Islam. Chants in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Occitan, and Arabic. Instrumental accompaniment with Middle Eastern percussion, oud, dulcimer, Tibetan bowls, Indian tanbura, and African mbira. Ancient and original compositions. Poetic and story texts in English or French. Original writing and texts by Meister Eckhart, Ibn 'Arabi, Yehuda Halevi, Hildegard of Bingen, etc.

"Through chant, Catherine Braslavsky plunges to the source, and speaks to us of the very foundations of humanity. ."

– Michel Cazenave
"Les vivants et les dieux"

  1. Hymn to the Muse 1:14
       (Ancient Greek)
  2. Abinu (Sephardic) 2:01
  3. D'où êtes-vous ?* 2:53
      (Thomas' Gospel)
  4. Quant voi la flor novele 5:07
Mwashah Lamabada 3:20
Cathar Prayer* 1:15
Iustus Germinabit 3:32
Ilono (The Tree of Life) 4:16
Spiritui Sancto 2:56
       (Hildegard von Bingen, XIIth c.)
10. Ave Generosa 5:17
       (Hildegard von Bingen, XIIth c.)
11. In Te Sum* 3:57
La Vida (Sephardic) 4:00
Al-Andalusi / Ibn Arabi* 4:06
Abwoon* 3:04
(Our Lord's Prayer in Aramaic)

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** composition by
Joseph Rowe