The album “Pilgrimage”, by Catherine Braslavsky

First album with Terra Sancta Choir. Contemporary, World, and Medieval atmospheres.


Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice, compositions, doulcimer, tanbura
Le Chœur Terra Sancta for female voices
Blandine Lambert, voice
Nadine Ouannoughi, voice
Joseph Rowe, percussions, Tibetan bowls
Thierry Renard, cello and voice
Richard Maygnan, guiterne and cistre
   Here, Catherine Braslavsky offers her most personal and original album. With song, all is possible, including an imaginary language (Owaha) and a hymn to dissolve violence (Psaume 23).

    For twelve female voices, the Terra Sancta choir is dedicated to the sacred repertoires of the Mediterranean, the Middle Ages, and today. Founded in 2000, the choir has sung in many places, such as the basilica of Saint-Denis, of Vézelay, Chartres cathedral, and in many churches and concert spaces in Paris.

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  1. Psaume 23 / I Will Fear No Evil * 4:04
  2. Grand Kyrie * 5:17
  3. De Profundis * 5:56
  4. O You *^ 3:01
  5. Berceuse pour Terra / Cradle song for Earth * 3:57
  6. Agnus / Give Us Peace *^^^ 5:30
  7. Joyful Pilgrims *^^ 4:05
  8. Owaha * 3:18
  9. Mater Vitæ (Mother of Life) * 4:24
10. Veni Sancte Spiritus * 8:11
11. Victimae Paschali Laudes ** 2:18
        (XIIth c. + arrangement)
12. Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans 2:26
(Hildegard von Bingen, XIIth c.)

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** arrangement by
Catherine Braslavsky
^ text by
Joseph Rowe
^^ co-arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky and Richard Maygnan
^^^ Co-arrangement Catherine Braslavsky and Thierry Renard