The album "Un Jour d'Entre les Jours" (Day of Days) by Catherine Braslavsky with arrangements by Steve Shehan

Un Jour d'Entre les Jours...
(Day of Days)
One day in the life of an imaginary temple, in twelve songs plus one

A day in the life of an imaginal monastery, featuring the voice of Catherine Braslavsky. Solo Gregorian chant and original compositions. Traditional Mideastern percussion, oud, Turkish tambour, Indian tanpura. Lush arrangements and atmospheres by Steve Shehan.
Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice, compositions, tanbura
Steve Shehan, arrangements, percussions
Joseph Rowe, oud, percussions
Thierry Renard, cello
Gilles Andrieu, bowed and plucked Turkish tanbur
Magnificient ambiences and arrangements by Steve Shehan. Some Gregorian Chants but mostly original compositions which continue to weave a link between the Middle Ages and our time.

"Her chants speak of love, spirituality, the human condition, and above all, the beauty of life. A warm, powerful voice, vibrating to the rhythm of a sustained breath."
  1. Kyrie before Dawn*^^ 3:09
  2. Illumine my eyes^ 2:54
  3. Ad Te Levavi*^^ (vers Toi je m'élève) 2:42
  4. The Just is like the Lilly^
Beati*^^ 3:56
Magnificat*^^ 4:36
The Good Shepherd* 3:36
In The Valley of the Shadow of Death 3:22
Christos Dionysos*^^ 3:55
Star of the Orient* 3:18
Take this Yoke of Light^ 3:49
Kyrie in the Night*^^ 4:04
Three words from the Dark of Night 6:08

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** composition by
Joseph Rowe
^arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky
^^arrangement by Steve Shehan
Gregorian Chants: 2,4,8,11,13