● The Terra Sancta choir in concert
    Sunday June 9 2019 at 4pm, admission free of charge.
    St Merry Church, 76 rue de la verrerie Paris IV
Concert by the women’s choir Terra Sancta, directed by Catherine Braslavsky, and accompanied by Joseph Rowe and Richard Maygnan (percussion and strings)

Chants of the Middle Ages and of today; Cantigas de Santa Maria; Laudario du Cortona; Judeo-Spanish, Turkish Sufi; and original compositions (Psaume 23, Lullaby for Terra, Ave Eva etc...)

● From Jerusalem to Cordoba (De Jérusalem à Cordoue),
   - July 17, 9:30 pm, Pézenas Summer Festival, Hérault (34)
   - Playing in Paris, January 8 - 31, 2019
     Théâtre de l'Ile Saint Louis,
39 quai d'Anjou, MºPont-Marie, Paris IV    Théâtre de l'Ile Saint Louis, 39 quai d'Anjou, MºPont-Marie, Paris IV
A narrative concert and a voyage in time and space, through the great musical and mystic traditions all along the Mediterranean, through song, music, and poetic text.
Catherine Braslavsky: chant, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe: spoken word, Arabian lute, drums, Tibetan bowls, African mbira.
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   A celebration of the musical and mystical traditions in and around the Mediterranean, from ancient Judaism and Paganism, to medieval Christianity and Islam.
Ancient and original music sung in
Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Medieval Spanish, Occitan, and Arabic. Instrumental accompaniment with Middle Eastern percussions, oud, doulcimer, Tibetan bowls, Indian tampura, and African mbira.
Short poetic and story texts, including both original material and quotations from
Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Ibn 'Arabi, Yehuda Halevi, etc. The narrative thread woven through the performance evokes a rarely-perceived common ground, and an alternative view of sacred traditions which have so often been in conflict.

Over 500 performances, including :
In France :
Théâtre de l'Ile-Saint Louis, Paris - French Senate, Paris - Palais des Congrès, Aix-les-Bains, France - Vézelay Basilica - Le Zénith, Montpellier (audience of 1500) - Avignon-off Theater Festival (sold-out performances for four years) - Sacred Music Festival of Dijon - Chartres - Festival de l'Ariège - Lyon, Amiens, Rennes, Nantes etc...

And :
US Tours
in Austin, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Boulder
in Europe : Manchester - Lausanne - Granada - Firenze - Reggio Emilia - Val d'Orcia
Costa Rica Tour for the Summer Festival

A one-of-a-kind performance ... both a message of tolerance and a voyage of initiation, a musical narrative which makes us feel in our depths that all the sacred chants of humanity, past and present, are animated by the same vibration"    Caroline Lachowsky, RFI
Through chant, Catherine Braslavsky plunges to the source, and speaks to us of the very foundations of humanity. "      Michel Cazenave, France-Culture
Beyond mere entertainment, this concert is a deepening of time.ʺ     Régis Debray, French author and philosopher
A remarkably successful voyage in sound, depicting those rare times when Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace and dialogue."      Jacques Attali, French author and music critic


● Le Rêve du Roi Salomon (The Dream of King Solomon)
This performance evokes an alternate Mediterranean story of humanity, where a harmony between the Feminine and the Masculine, and between humanity and Nature, was always possible, and has now become urgent.
Catherine Braslavsky: chant, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe: texts, oud, bendir, darabuka, djembe Tibetan bowls, mbira
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A musical voyage exploring Biblical scriptures, legends, and myths of
King Solomon — ancient and modern works from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and African tribal wisdom.
The body of scriptures, legends, tales, and myths about
Solomon is far vaster, both in number, and in variety of provenance, than most people realize. Research for this project examined stories not only from the Jewish canon, but from Jewish legend, and from Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and African sources (the latter including Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Nigerian legends).
The program includes the Song of Songs, sung in Hebrew; Thunder, Perfect Mind, sung in Coptic (this astonishing sacred text was among those discovered in 1945 in the sands of Egypt, near Nag Hammadi); excerpts from the Gospel of Thomas, sung in Greek; Gregorian chants, Judeo-Spanish song, an evocation of the Black Virgin, chants of Hildegard of Bingen, of the troubadour Gautier de Coincy, original music on a text by Al Hallaj — and for the first time ever, on a text from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

● Hildegard of Bingen : The Marriage of the Heaven and the Earth
Music and texts by the famous XIIth c. abbess
Catherine Braslavsky: voice, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe: texts, oud, bendir, darabuka, tibetan bowls, tanbura, mbira
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Hildegard of Bingen, (1098 -1179), while exercising her many responsibilities as head of the Rhineland convent of St-Rupert of Bingen, was also a healer, visionary, prophet, writer, and major musician. The range of her achievements and activities, rare enough in itself, is unparalleled for a woman in medieval times. After centuries of relative obscurity, she is now recognized as one of the great universal geniuses of Western civilization.
In an age when very few women wrote at all,
Hildegard produced brilliant works of philosophy, poetry, and medicine, as well as visions and prophecies. She also made extensive use of medicinal herbs for healing, and wrote a medical treatise on the subject. Her longevity, unusual for that era, is all the more remarkable considering that she was tormented by physical pains for most of her life. These were linked to her visionary gift and to her inspired states of consciousness, in ways which show distinct similarities to "shamanic" illnesses in many cultures.
The goal of this performance is to bring this extraordinary repertoire into a living form for our time. Catherine Braslavsky' s formidable expertise in the music of
Hildegard has enabled her to bring about a profound meeting of the twelfth century with the twenty-first — one which is grounded in her respect and mastery of the repertoire.
Solo chants in this performance (both a cappella and accompanied) alternate with poetic and historical texts, in a type of "narrative concert" which has become the hallmark of the Braslavsky/Rowe duo. What is unique about this production, is that its entire narrative is composed of selections from the writings (
visions, autobiography, and letters) of Hildegard herself.

"There is something miraculous about this purity of voice, which leads us into the sublime, where all words dissolve […] A heavenly voice, with deep spirituality […] This is a celebration, a very sensitive evocation, and a ceremony […] we remain suspended in the silence which informs the writings and compositions of Hildegard of Bingen. Catherine Braslavsky’s total mastery of this difficult vocal music is revealed by the seeming ease with which she follows the enchanted, moiré patterns of the medieval scores.”                         — Armelle Héliot, Le Figaro

Lights in the Midst of Darkness
Sacred Chants of Exile and Hope
Premiered in Paris in 2017, 2018 in Los Angeles
Catherine Braslavsky: chant, bendir, doulcimers
Yuval Ron: texts, oud
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See " Ir me Quiero Madre "
Yuval Ron is an internationally-known artist, renowned for his devotion to music as a way of peace. A virtuoso on the oud, he is also a composer, arranger, and storyteller. His ensemble brings together musicians of diverse traditions (including Israeli and Palestinian) devoted to peace, and to musical excellence. Based mostly in Los Angeles, he has been honored with many awards for his work in both music and for peace.   
Catherine and Yuval bring together their talent and passion in original songs, and in a rediscovery of traditional songs, inspired by the primal wound of exile : whether the outer exile of banishment from one’s homeland, or the more universal sense of spiritual exile. An interweaving of
Judeo-Christian and Muslim musics, with songs and poems on the themes of hope, of divine Beauty, and of the universal vision of Jelauddin Rumi. A luminous vision for a troubled time.
(Yuval Ron’s website :
click HERE)

● Femmes et Déesses (Women and Goddesses)
A Celebration of the Feminine through voices, drums, and strings.
Catherine Braslavsky: voice, bendir, doulcimer, tanbura, djembe
Blandine Lamber: voice, bendir, darabuka, percussions
Nadine Ouannough : voice, bendir, darabuka, caxixi
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This two-part performance begins with traditional songs and chants: Hildegard of Bingen, the Laudario of Cortona, the Cantigas of Alfonso el Sabio, Gregorian chant, Troubadour, Judeo-Spanish, Arab, ancient Greek. The second part consists of original compositions by Catherine Braslavsky and by Joseph Rowe (Pilgrims, Mawlana, De Profundis, Solomon's Dream, Sancta Terra…)

Catherine Braslavsky’s World Music Ensemble- quintet or septet
An exciting music of today, with compositions by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe. Dialogue and célébration of our many roots. Rhythms of Africa and the Middle East, with voices and drums in ecstatic conversation.

« Catherine Braslavsky’s voice is unforgettable. A confluence of the Mediterranean, of Africa, and of India, her songs incarnate the spirituality of the world. »             — Marie-Laure Bouquerel, Le Figaro
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Pilgrimage with Catherine Braslavsky and the Terra Sancta Choir
Les nouvelles compositions de
Catherine Braslavsky et Joseph Rowe pour Choeur et soliste, chants médiévaux - programme du CD
Catherine Braslavsky and the Terra Sancta Choir
Richard Maygnan: cistre and guiterne; Thierry Renard: cello
Joseph Rowe : percussions
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● Solstices
Catherine Braslavsky : voice, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe : texts, oud, bendir, darabuka, tibetan bowls, mbira
A celebration of the Sun’s transit, through music, songs, poems, and legends of East and West: A poem and a story by Rumi; an Alleluïa of Hildegard of Bingen; the Vision of Isaiah, sung in Hebrew; Songs of Christmas and of the Light, a pagan hymn and tale of ancient Greece, Judeo-Spanish

Le Feu des Visions (The Fire of Visions) - trio to quintet
A performance where Medieval music is interwoven with contemporary music, through song, through texts, and through the magical sounds of virtuoso concert
piano, combined with Asian temple bowls and gongs
Marie Christine Barrault : Texts
Alain Kremski : piano and Iriental bowls and gongs
Catherine Braslavsky : voice, doulcimer
Blandine Lambert and Nadine Ouannoughi : voice
Festival de la Clarté, Rencontres d'Eté en Normandie, Abbaye of Pontigny, Centre des Bernardins in Paris, Abbaye of Noirlac. Created at Royaumont

● Le Songe de l'Etoile (Stellar Dream),
creation december 2018 in Paris
An evening full of beautiful surprises, where voice and piano weave a totally original tapestry between medieval and contemporary music, with the improvisational genius of both performers.

Alain Kremski : piano – Catherine Braslavsky : voice

Sacred musics for the season of the Solstice, of Christmas, and the New Year: Laudario di Cortona, Hildegard of Bingen, Erik Satie, Listz, Messiae, Gurdjieff, and original compositions by Kremski and Braslavsky.