Upcoming workshop at the monastery of St-Michel du Var by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

WORSHOP in Provence
at St Michel du Var Monastery, near Lorgues

Friday 12 to Sunday dimanche 14 july 2019

Chants and Rhythms of the Mediterranean,
honouring the Sacred Feminine in all human beings

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(frescoes by Vadim Garine)

In preparation for the Feast of
Mary Magdalene, this session is an opportunity to encounter the many marvellous musical traditions (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan) which honour the sacred Feminine, such as the Laudario di Cortona, the Song of Songs, etc. We will learn how to improvise without fear, while also practicing Sufi-inspired zikrs which evoke and praise the Divine Feminine in men, in women, and in the universe. Among the rare chants, are included the astonishing Thunder, Perfect Mind in Coptic, and the Gospel of Thomas in Greek.

The 3-day session of sacred chants, drumming, and meditations begins at 9:30 Friday morning, and ends late Sunday afternoon. We are fortunate in having access to many places in this very beautiful and unique monastery : the crypt, the surrounding gardens and forest, and the magnificent church itself.
This incubes 6-7 hours of practice per day, and one free evening in the church, as well as participation in the Sunday morning service, with some of the chants we have been working on.

Teaching fee : 180 euros
Fee for meals: 35 euros/day, plus voluntary donation for lodging.
(see Catherine for details and variations)
To sign up for this session, or for more information,
contact Catherine Braslavsky at this e-mail:
info at naturalchant dot com