Concerts of Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe
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● Roses des Vents - creation 2021 - with the help of Drac Ile-de-France
Two women voices between trad and soul, two lives bornt on two continents, an exceptional meeting
with Catherine Braslavsky and Nawal, one of the great sufi voices of Comoros
See the video of "Roses des Vents" in création last spring
Friday 5 november at the Point Fort of Aubervilliers, coproduction of the Festival des Villes des Musiques du Monde
Itinerary Free Entrance (very limited space. Booking :
and from 16 november till 10 décembze at the Théâtre de l'Ile Saint Louis in Paris
Tuesday to Friday at 9:30pm, + Saturday 20 november at 9:30pm and Sunday 21november at 5:30 pm
Itinerary Prices : 15 € (10 € for students under 25). Booking : 33 (0)1 46 33 48 65

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● AVE EVA in Paris - creation 2020
After Chartres and Vézelay, Ave Eva is coming back to Paris
21 December 2021 - 9 January 2022, Tuesday through Saturday 9pm, Sunday 5:30 pm
Except 25 december, 31 december and 1 january at 5:30 pm.
Booking : 01 46 33 48 65. Tickets 15 euros (10 euros for students under 25) Itinerary

Catherine Braslavsky: voice, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe: texts, oud, bendir, darabuka, bols tibétains, mbira
Look at the video of Thunder Perfect Mind by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe
This new duo performance of music is a marriage of Ancient, Medieval and contemporary world music. It celebrates love, woman, nature, and the Divne Feminine in each of us. In the program: Guillaume de Machaut, Judeo-Spanish, Cantigas of Santa Maria, songs in Turkish, Hebrew, Latin and new compositions...
" At the end, 'Ave Eva' is more efficient than a lecture on sociology. There is tension and emotion which attain a climax with 'O Nobilissima Viriditas' (two poems by the flamboyant Hildegard von Bingen, with music by the singer) or the Kyrie of the 12th May, a prayer for the victims of terrorism [...]" — Luc Melmont, Culture et Chanson

image d Alain Kremski jouant du piano pour l hommage du 4 avril 2020
● Hommage to Alain Kremski - POSTPONED
Saturday 4 April 4:30 pm, Chapelle Notre-Dame des Anges and Forum 104, MºMontparnasse, St Placide 104, rue de Vaugirard, Paris VI Itinerary

With the exceptional participation of
Marie Christine Barrault and Basarab Nicoslescu,
and Catherine Braslavsky (chant), Christian Chanel (piano), Blandine Lambert (chant), Angelica Leser (flûte), Robert Millardet (piano), Joseph Rowe (luth arabe et bols tibétains), Ophélia Teillaud (textes), Clara Zammit (chant), Marc Zammit (textes).

Musics by Alain Kremski, Bach, Debussy, Gurdjieff/ De Hartmann, Hildegard of Bingen, Schumann. Texts by Alain Kremski and others he liked.
Around 6pm, we'll have a video (30mn() showing Alain Kremski in recent events
Tickets :
15 € ; adhérents Forum and students : 10 €
Booking and informations : - 06 74 83 86 88

image choeur Terra Sancta a St Séverin avec Catherine Braslavsky
Terra Sancta Choir in concert - POSTPONED to June 20th 2021
Catherine Braslavsky, Direction
Saturday 20 june 2020 at 8 pm, St Merry church in Paris, free entrance
76 rue de la Verrerie, Paris IV Itinerary
Sacred songs from the Middle Ages and Today: Cantiga de Santa Maria, songs in Turkish, Hebrew, Latin, and recent compositions
Listen to mp3s
Voir la video de Ave Eva chanté par Terra Sancta en 2019 à la Nuit Sacrée


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Berkeley: Hildegard von Bingen - concert and workshop
Sunday September 22, Resonation festival in Berkeley, Free entrance
Pacific School of Religion , 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA
Catherine Braslavsky: voice, bendir, doulcimer, tanbura
Joseph Rowe: texts, oud, darabuka, bells
Listen to samples
Schedule for Braslavsky and Rowe’performance on Sunday Sept 22d :
- a mini concert of ~20 mn between 3 and 3:30pm, taken from our full-length show on Hildegard (video clip here) and which has enjoyed a hundred or so performances in France
- a 
workshop between 3:30 and 5pm. Open to everybody !
- then around 
5:15 pm, we’ll lead the closure ceremony celebrating all the sacred cultures present, and having everybody sing

A few words, especially for those who don’t know her yet: Hildegard von Bingen was an extraordinary woman of the 12th century. She was a writer, a visionary, an herbal doctor, an abbess ... and perhaps above all, one of the greatest composers of the Middle Ages. Her music is profoundly original, in the sense that it has its own distinctive voice, color and mastery, all of which are immediately recognizable. 

In our approach to her music, we make no attempt to reconstruct exactly how people sang eight centuries ago, but to make the music come alive today, connecting with the universal heart of her music. During the workshop, Catherine will prepare us to warm up our voice, to relax and strengthen it, to open our attention to our body, and to our deep listening...  Diving into the beauty of Hildegard's melodic paths is like following someone who shows us fearlessness, neither when faced with the deepest heavenly mysteries, nor of our own earthly sensuality. That’s why we called our CD, 
The Marriage of Heaven and Earth.

Although the entrance is free,
Resonation requests you to reserve your place throughout the Evenbrite site, to prevent any overcrowding : Evenbrite-Resonation is here
See also the other events on
Satuday and Sunday, with wonderful artists.

From Jerusalem to Cordoba
A narrative concert and a voyage in time and space, through the great musical and mystic traditions all along the Mediterranean, through song, music, and poetic text.
Catherine Braslavsky : chant, bendir, doulcimer
Joseph Rowe : Arabian lute, drums, spoken word, Tibetan bowls, African mbira.
Listen to samples
A celebration of the musical and mystical traditions in and around the Mediterranean, from ancient Judaism and Paganism, to medieval Christianity and Islam. Ancient and original music sung in Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Medieval Spanish, Occitan, and Arabic. Instrumental accompaniment with Middle Eastern percussion, oud, dulcimer, Tibetan bowls, Indian tampura, and African mbira. Short poetic and story texts in English (or French), including both original material and quotations from Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Ibn 'Arabi, Yehuda Halevi, etc. The narrative thread woven through the performance evokes a rarely-perceived common ground, and an alternative view of sacred traditions which have so often been in conflict.
More than 500 performances around the world...

"A one-of-a-kind performance ... both a message of tolerance and a voyage of initiation, a musical narrative which makes us feel in our depths that all the sacred chants of humanity, past and present, are animated by the same vibration"

Caroline Lachowsky, Radio-France International (RFI)

“Beyond mere entertainment, this concert is a deepening of time."    Régis Debray, French author and philosopher
"A fascinating performance, with great spiritual power."   La Repubblica, Italy, nationwide daily newspaper
"A remarkably successful voyage in sound, depicting those rare times when Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace and dialogue."   Jacques Attali, French author and music critic