Music and CDs recorded by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe
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The first album featuring the Terra Sancta Choir
world, contemporary, medieval music

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"Collector" Edition
Celebrating 10 years of recordings on the Jade label
A compilation selected from four albums

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Le Royaume
(The Kingdom)
Traditional and World Atmospheres
from ancient times to today
Solo, Duo, and Trio vocals.

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Hildegard von Bingen
The Marriage of the Heaven and the Earth
Songs of the famous visionary 12th-century abbess, 
in original arrangements, sung by Catherine Braslavsky.

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The Path of the Soul
The superb resonance of this world-famous cathedral. A rare recording, with a sublime palette of voices and instruments.

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De Jérusalem à Cordoue
(From Jerusalem to Cordoba)
The CD of the performance … a sacred voyage around the Mediterranean, from antiquity to our times, celebrating tolerance, peace, and unity-in-diversity. 
Label:Ad Fontem

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A dream: all the children of Abraham united… a musical incarnation of this vision featuring 4 vocal soloists, who answer one another, and join together in one great world chorus. 

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Un Jour d'Entre les Jours
Gregorian chants and original compositions. Sung by Catherine Braslavsky, accompanied by great instrumentalists,
Steve Shehan, the producer. 
Voix soliste.
Label:Al Sur

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Alma Anima
The first album of Gregorian-based chants by Catherine Braslavsky, with Joseph Rowe, Solos and vocal duos with Thierry Renard.

Label:Al Sur

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