The Album Le Royaume by Catherine Braslavsky
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Le Royaume (The Kingdom)
Chants from antiquity (1), from Medieval times (7) and from today (4)
Meeting antiquity with the Gospel of Thomas, the Middle Ages with Gautier de Coincy and Gregorien Chant, Laudario di Cortona, Hildegarde de Bingen, and new compositions.

Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice, compositions, doulcimer, tanbura
Joseph Rowe, percussions, Tibetan bowls 
Blandine Lambert, voice (1,3,4,9)
Nadine Ouannoughi, voice (1,3,4,9)
Thierry Renard, voice (1)
Richard Maygnan, guiterne (1)

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   "It may seem strange for a 21st –century composer to look to medieval and ancient times for inspiration. But this has been my musical path: as soon as I realized that I wanted to improvise and compose, I was drawn to study these ancient roots, as if they held a secret I needed. This soon led to my encounter with Hildegard von BingenGregorian chant, and Judeo-Spanish songs. These repertoires continue to influence my compositions, some of which are presented in this album. " Catherine Braslavsky

1. Basileia*^^ (The Kingdom) 4:59
      (in Ancient greek) 
 2. La Morenica** 2:48
 3. Efforcier m’estuet ma voiz** 5:02
      (Gautier de Coincy, 13th c.)
 4. La Litanie de Loreto5:58
 5. Salve Regina3:54 
 6. La Rosa enflorece 3:22
 7. Caritas abundat** 3:49
(Hildegard von Bingen, 12th c.)
 8. Mater Vitæ4:17
 9. Magdalena degna da laudare** 4:43
(Laudario di Cortona, 13th c.)
10. O Virga ac Diadema** 3:52
(Hildegard von Bingen, 12th c.)
11. Kyrie du Xth century** 3:34
12. In Memory3:09

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** arrangement by 
Catherine Braslavsky
^^ co-arrangement by 
Catherine Braslavsky and Richard Maygnan