The album Hildegard von Bingen, The marriage of the Heaven and the Earth by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe
Hildegard von Bingen CD
Hildegard von Bingen
Le mariage du ciel et de la terre
(the marriage of the Heaven and the Earth)

Songs of the renowned twelfth century abbess, re-envisioned by two contemporary artists...

Catherine Braslavsky, solo voice et arrangements, doulcimer, tanbura, bendir
Joseph RoweOud, bendir, darabukka, tanpura, Tibetan bowls, mbira and arrangements

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    In this musical confluence of the 12th and 21st centuries, we discover a profound and surprising universality. A further surprise is a voice, both sensual and spiritual, in the image of Hildegard herself: abbess, musician, and free woman.

    " This music is a celebration and a sensitive evocation, as well as a ceremony.... Catherine Braslavsky commands our attention by the apparent ease with which she follows the pages of these ancient musical manuscripts, ornate and full of enchantment. With finesse, Joseph Rowe accompanies the singer with oud, darabukka, tampura, and even Tibetan bowls. ... There is something miraculous about this purity of voice, which leads us into the sublime, where all words 
dissolve ... "

– Armelle Héliot

  1. O Viridissima Virga** 3:27
  2. O Tu Illustrata 3:55
3. Laus Trinitati** 4:49
O Frondens Virga* 3:36
5. O Ignis Spiritus 5:57
  6. O Virga ac Diadema** 3:55
  7. Spiritui Sancto 3:05
  8. Kyrie Eleison 2:26
  9. Ave Generosa 5:51
10. O Jerusalem** 4:31
11. O Viriditas Digiti Dei 4:59
12. O Pastor Animarum 1:24

* arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky
** arrangement by 
Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe