Press clipings for Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

• " Catherine Braslavsky casts a spell, in the ease and grace with which she sings difficult, ancient scores. There is something miraculous about this purity of voice, which leads us into the sublime, where all words dissolve ... "

— Armelle Héliot

• "This superb recording is not just a clever mixture of genres. It reaches towards the deepest origins of Western music, where the mystery of East and West were joined, just before their separation. In our tumultuous time, such a full expression of depth and serenity has become an indispensable resource."

Erik Pigani


• " A one-of-a-kind performance ... both a message of tolerance and a voyage of initiation, a musical narrative which makes us feel in our depths that all the sacred chants of humanity, past and present, are animated by the same vibration. "

— Caroline Lachowsky

• " Magnificent performance"

— Thierry Beauvert

• " Her performance is not mere entertainment, but a spiritual exercise, and a deepening of time.”

— Régis Debray
French author and philosopher

• " A remarkably successful voyage in sound, depicting those rare times when Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace and dialogue."

— Jacques Attali
French author and music critic

• " Through chant, Catherine Braslavsky plunges to the source, and speaks to us of the very foundations of humanity. "

Michel Cazenave

"... a lush musical tapestry over which the voice of Catherine Braslavsky soars to great heights. Music at the crossroads of different eras and continents. "

Frédéric Potet

• " A fascinating performance, with great spiritual power. "
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• « once new, traditional, and transcendent. ... chants and chant-like original compositions powerfully realized as invocations of the human essence — whether it be the soul, spirit, or consciousness — in its ascendant form : a kind of meditative dance. »

John Lebkowski

• " Her chants speak of love, spirituality, the human condition, and above all, the beauty of life. A warm, powerful voice, vibrating to the rhythm of a sustained breath.”
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• " From one side of the Mediterranean to the other, Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe embark us on a musical voyage of rare intensity. We begin to dream of a return of the spirit of Cordoban tolerance. "
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• " A voyage to the sources of wisdom.. A performance with warmth, and a rare subtlety. "
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