The album Alma Anima by Catherine Braslavsky, Joseph Rowe and Thierry Renard
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Alma Anima
Our first trio album, inspired by Gregorian chant, African and Arab rhythms, and Romanesque architecture
Catherine Braslavsky, voice, compositions, tanbura 
Joseph Rowe, oud, compositions, bendir, djembes
Thierry Renardvoice, cello

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After several years of research into the medieval sources of sacred music, this album offers an interpretation of Gregorian chant which is grounded in Catherine Braslavsky’s expert knowledge of the chant, yet which opens up new paths of interpretation and composition. The arrangements employ instruments of Europe, Asia, and Africa: cello, Indian tanbura, oud, bender, djembe, congas. 

"This superb recording is not just a clever mixture of genres. It reaches towards the deepest origins of Western music, where the mystery of East and West were joined, just before their separation. In our tumultuous time, such a full expression of depth and serenity has become an indispensable resource."


– Erik Pigani

  1. Salve Regina3:28
  2. Veni Sancte Spiritus4:15
3. Sanctus4:52
  4. Ecce guam bonum 3:24
Cantate Domino4:45
In die resurrectionis meæ 3:19
 Jubilate Deo (1) 2:52
 Stetit angelus 5:43
Miserere mei Deus 5:17
 Jubilate Deo** (2) 2:37
 Benedictus 5:39
 Kyrie Eleison5:17

* composition by Catherine Braslavsky
** composition by Joseph RoweAfro-Gregorian chant, voice and djembes and congas
^ Gregorian, and composition by 
Catherine Braslavsky
^^ co-arrangement by Catherine Braslavsky and Thierry Renard

Gregorian Chants : 4,5,6,7,8,9,11